Quantum LTO-9 Ultrium Data Cartridges

LTO-9 keeps up with massive growth of unstructured data to address your data security and capacity demands.

  • With 18 TB of raw and up to 45 TB* of compressed capacity, and a full-height drive performance of up to 1,000 MB/sec (3.6 TB/Hr.) compressed transfer rate (400 MB/sec. native), LTO-9 dramatically reduces the floor space required to store long-term data and meet the demands of your business.
  • LTO provides the most efficient long-term archive, for offline and “air-gapped” data storage for the ultimate tier of data protection.
  • TCO Comparison against other long-term storage media shows LTO remains the low-cost leader that enables flexible scalability to match your data growth projections.
  • LTO continues to provide an open tape storage format that offers the security and flexibility needed in today’s cyber climate. LTO-9 can format